Curriculum Snapshot

Speech@NYU is a 48-credit program that can be completed on a full-time or part-time basis. Your final plan of study will be based on the number of foundation courses you need to take before starting graduate-level courses and whether you want to enroll full time or part time. There are seven foundation courses, and all of them are offered online through the program.

Choose one of the options below to view the corresponding sample plans of study.

This table provides an example of how many semesters the Speech@NYU program is. Based on previous education experience, your Academic Advisor will provide you with a detailed Plan of Study when you begin the program.

Plan of StudySemesters to Completion
Full-time with CSD undergraduate major6-7
Full-time without CSD undergraduate major7-8
Part-time with CSD undergraduate major8-9
Part-time without CSD undergraduate major9-10
Detailed Plan of Study