Academic Experience

Speech@NYU combines intensive online classes, interactive course work, and in-person clinical experiences that prepare you for clinical practice in educational, medical, and research settings.

Accredited by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, the online program offers the same rigorous curriculum as our on-campus program in New York City so you can earn an NYU graduate education from anywhere in the country.


Program Components

As a Speech@NYU student, you’ll take 48 graduate-level credits, and up to 14 foundation credits if you have not completed certain undergraduate courses. The program is offered on both a full-time and part-time basis.

As you explore the program, a dedicated admissions counselor will help you determine if Speech@NYU is right for you and guide you through the application process.

Foundation courses in cognition, audiology, and other key topics prepare you for graduate-level study in speech-language pathology.

Instrumentation and research courses teach you how to evaluate the aspects of speech production and how to continually integrate the most up-to-date research into your practice.

Disorder courses expose you to a range of communicative and speech-related challenges affecting clients of all ages and backgrounds.

Electives allow you to expand your knowledge and skills in specific areas of interest, such as augmentative and alternative communication and craniofacial anomalies.

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Online Classes and Course Work

Each week, you’ll attend live online classes that put you face-to-face with NYU Steinhardt faculty and aspiring speech-language pathologists (SLPs) from across the country. Classes are delivered seminar-style and are limited to approximately 15 students to ensure you get the personalized, intimate learning experience you need to succeed in such a hands-on program.

  • Learn directly from NYU Steinhardt professors.
  • Explore evidence-based concepts in small groups.
  • Receive one-on-one attention during faculty office hours.

NYU Steinhardt professors have adapted their on-campus course work into interactive lessons that reinforce the evidence-based practices you learn in your live classes. Outside of class time, you’ll complete individual and group assignments that enhance your knowledge and enable you to collaborate with classmates.

Self-paced assignments accessible 24/7

Engaging video content that supplements live classes

Intuitive online campus and social networking tools


Next-Level Networking With LinkedIn Premium Career

Students receive access to LinkedIn Premium Career to help them build on the skills they gain in the Speech@NYU program. These career-enhancing features allow students to take advantage of salary insights, LinkedIn Learning courses, interactive interview preparation, and the ability to send InMail to hiring managers.

In-Person Clinical Practicums and Field Placements

Clinical field education is integral to the Speech@NYU learning experience, and our program ensures you receive the face-to-face, hands-on training you need to become a well-rounded and versatile SLP.

The clinical field training component comprises five in-person experiences: two on-campus immersions at NYU’s New York City campus, and three field placements at faculty-approved clinical sites. You’ll work with a dedicated field placement specialist to identify sites that meet NYU’s high academic standards and provide diverse learning opportunities.

  • Clinical Practicum I: Pre-Clinic and On-Campus Immersion
  • Clinical Practicum II: Diagnostic Assessment and On-Campus Immersion
  • Clinical Field Placement III: Treatment
  • Clinical Field Placement IV: Pediatrics
  • Clinical Field Placement V: Adults

If you have not completed the required number of clinical hours by the conclusion of Clinical Field Placement V, you may need to complete an additional, 1-credit placement, Clinical Field Placement VI.

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Ongoing Support as You Earn Your Degree

In addition to continuous mentorship from faculty, you’ll work with the following teams who will guide you through completing the program requirements.

An academic adviser will help you choose your class schedule and provide ongoing academic support.

Our technology support team will introduce you to the online campus and provide live support during classes.

A clinical field placement specialist will help you find diverse, NYU-approved placement sites that are approved by faculty.

NYU librarians will show you how to navigate our catalog and access resources that expand on your classroom learning.

Our career services team will assist you with your job search, resume, and interview preparation.

Learning Outcomes

Recognize the nature of speech, language, hearing, communication, and swallowing disorders and their differences, including etiologies and characteristics.

Apply research and principles and methods of prevention, assessment, and intervention for children and adults with communication and swallowing disorders.

Treat and communicate effectively with clients and colleagues from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

View the full list on our learning outcomes page.

When you’ve completed all program requirements, you’ll be invited to celebrate your accomplishments at our on-campus commencement ceremony. After graduating, you’ll join more than 500,000 NYU graduates around the world as a member of our distinguished alumni community, which offers resources and ongoing support to help you advance your SLP career.

To learn more about Speech@NYU's curriculum, request information and an admissions counselor will contact you.