Five Things to Consider When Applying to Speech@NYU

Speech@NYU, NYU’s online master of science program in Communicative Sciences and Disorders, offers a rigorous online speech-language pathology (SLP) curriculum, adhering to the same standards of excellence as the on-campus program in preparing aspiring clinicians to pursue licensure as speech-language pathologists (SLPs). If you’re thinking about applying to the online program, below are a few factors to consider.


The courses offered online are the same as those we offer in our on-campus program, but are instead delivered through our online platform, which consists of both synchronous and asynchronous content. For the asynchronous or self-paced portion, you will complete interactive video content, independent reading, and writing assignments that prepare you for your weekly live classes. Your weekly class sessions put you face-to-face with your classmates and professors and enable you to bring the knowledge gained before class to live, collaborative discussions to expand and facilitate the best understanding of the course content.

All online courses have the same content, expectations, and standards as those offered on campus. They are equal in rigor, so it is important to manage your time in both the live and asynchronous portions of each course.

Time Commitment

Our program is offered on a full-time and part-time basis. While the program is designed to be flexible, the average time commitment for the program is roughly 20 to 30 hours per week for part-time students and 35 to 40 hours for full-time students. As such, the program may require some adjustments to your personal or professional commitments, requiring you to plan and organize your schedule before beginning classes. Some important questions to ask yourself:

  • How do you prioritize tasks and keep organized?
  • Are you able to effectively manage your work to meet deadlines?
  • Do you prevent interruptions from distracting you from high-priority tasks?
  • Do you use a calendar to write down appointments, deadlines, and things to do?
  • Do you plan and schedule your time on a weekly and/or monthly basis?


Speech@NYU offers a holistic, evidence-based curriculum that prepares students to become SLPs in a wide variety of settings. The program also provides students with a balance of independent and collaborative course work. Our heavily science-focused curriculum is reading- and writing-intensive, and requires students to demonstrate their knowledge in live classes, discussions with peers, and in direct client contact through various field placements.


While the program is academically rigorous, from the moment you request information through your graduation, you’ll receive unrivaled support every step of the way. The program’s student support team provides personalized academic, professional, and technological services through:

  • A technology support team that introduces you to the online platform and troubleshoots any technical issues that may arise.
  • An academic adviser who works with you personally to ensure your academic goals are being met.
  • A clinical field placement team that secures various field placements for you near your community.
  • A career services team that aids you as you prepare to search for employment, compile your resume, and interview for positions.


Speech-language pathologists play an integral role in the lives of those facing communication and swallowing disorders. Our program is designed for aspiring SLPs who seek to work with diverse clients while developing creative, dynamic, and collaborative approaches to care. Through Speech@NYU, you will gain the evidence-based knowledge and breadth of clinical experience necessary to provide care to people of all ages in a range of settings. 

Speech@NYU brings together aspiring speech-language pathologists with a desire to serve their communities and advance the profession. If you’re thinking about applying, you can begin your application here.

Please note that due to NYU Steinhardt policy, applicants cannot apply to the on-campus and online program at the same time.